AUGUST 1, 2020

August 1
On July 29, we received an email from the City saying that we could start playing. We conducted a survey of our registrants and of the 66%
who responded about 65% do not want to play. Given our constraints: volunteer coaches, hockey season starting in September, the need to change
the groupings and dates of play, running a season in 2020 is not possible. The 2020 soccer season is cancelled.

June 29
On June 24th, 2020 the City said it would begin to issue permits as early as July 6 2020 for training and practice purposes only, for groups
of 10 people, regardless of the facility size and space. Permits would not be issued for game and or scrimmages.
Today the City offered 3 alternatives: (1)Full cancellation of the 2020 seasonal permit without penalty;(2) A new permit for the 2020 season based on
current operational guidelines and provincial orders (e.g. training only with no scrimmages or games);(3) Await revised Provincial Orders, which may
allow for future game and or scrimmages.
We believe that parents registered their children to play soccer, not to hold practices. Thus we still hold to option (3) for the possibility
that the 4th stage of the Provincial plan happens and that parents feel safe enough to allow the children to play.

June 17
It has been suggested that the Provincial guideline allows games to be played starting with Phase 2 of the Provincial plan.This is wrong.
Phase 2 says: Outdoor sporting activities, involving small group training (no matches) can recommenced (no contact still allowed.
This is an example of the misinformation created in a time like this.

June 16
On May 8 the Province posted a 5 stage plan. I think we fit into the 4th stage on July 20. I have not got an aknowledgement of that from the City.
The options so far are: Option 1. If we can start July 20, we could go through to Thanksgiving. We would form teams of smaller sizes and shorten the fields
also in order to deal with the reduced registration. If that option is not acceptable to parents, the second option is to leave the permit which we have already
paid for on the fields in place and offer it to all parents who wanted to go down and have friendly games-in other words not 'officially' planned by the club.
If that option is picked up we would treat the registration for this year as completely covering the registration for 2021. This would help defer the costs
incurred to date which so far includes the discounts by Visa and Master Card on registrations, the cost of uniforms, supplies, locker rental, supplies. If that
option is not acceptable to parents the third option is to refund the registration. Right now most people are waiting to see what happens.

April 30
Today I receive the following email from the City concerning our permits:
"At this time fields are closed until further notice. Although your amended permit reflects a start date, it is important to note that we await direction from the Province and the City's Medical Officer of Health, and cannot open sports fields before then. Any date on your amended permit should not be interpreted as a reopening date until we receive this direction."

April 24
We have had all of our permits cancelled by the City until June 28. I have kept the permits for July, August and September.
I think we will need to review the situation at the beginning of June and make a final decision by mid June.

March 26
We have been asked whether the 2020 summer soccer season will proceed.
The simple answer is that we do not know.

March 12, 2019 Today all soccer registrations for summer suddenly came to a stop and all telephone calls stopped.
Right now I think we have to wait until the beginning of May to see what to do.
We can image a league running in July, August and September, but that is speculative at this time.
We think the constraints on starting the league after May are: what are the City regulations; what are the health risks; what are other children activities doing; what do our parents want to do.
We have been asked by referees the status of their situation. As said above we don't know and we will make no decisions until the beginning of May.
Stay safe and healthy.