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The Club organizes soccer games which is not an instructional program. The aim of micro soccer is to provide a fun introduction to the game of soccer and expose the children to the basic rules of sportsmanship. Each Group of Parents should organize how they wish to run the team for the summer, either having one coach or taking it in turns. The role of the coach will be to be on the field helping direct the children and ensuring that all children have equal playing time. UNIFORM the uniform will be on hand the first game day on May 15 at 6:30 pm at Flemingdon Park, 747 Don Mills Road. LEAGUE. There are 16 teams. Each group should organize their team and ensure that the players have equal playing time. One parent from each group should remain on the field to help control the game ( so that kids do not push or pull on other players, or handle the ball). When any player is hurt, the game must be stopped immediately. You can see the schedule to find out your opposition on the web site at www.leasidesoccer.net under Outdoor Schedules Micro Division. RULES We play 4 players against 4 players; THERE IS TO BE NO GOALIE; we discourage the parents counting scores. There is no referee. A goal will be scored with the ball is kicked past the pylons and below waist high. The game is started by either team at the middle; when a goal is scored, the game is restarted at the middle of the field by the other team. We will have 2 periods, each of 15 minutes. During the 15 minute period, we should stop every 2 or 3 minutes, and change the players. At the end of the game all the children should line up and shake hands. GENERAL Some parents enjoy bringing snacks for their kids. Some parents like to organize with other parents to do this for a team. This is and must remain an individual's choice whether to participate or to permit their child to eat the snack. Some children may be allergic and there may be health related or religious issues concerning certain foods. No child is to be left unsupervised by the parent for any reason at any time. If a parent cannot supervise the child constantly during the game, the child should remain at home for that week. No dogs are allowed at the games. There should be no smoking in front of the children. THE PARENT IS WHOLLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DECISION TO ALLOW THEIR CHILDREN TO PLAY. THIS IS A HOUSE LEAGUE AND NO CHILD WILL BE PENALIZED FOR NOT ATTENDING. A DECISION WHETHER TO PLAY A GAME WILL BE MADE AT GAME TIME, ON THE FIELD. IF ANY LIGHTNING IS SEEN IN THE SKY, THE GAME WILL BE IMMEDIATELY CANCELLED AND EVERYONE WILL GO HOME.USE YOUR COMMENT SENSE.