All of the banquets are at the Leaside Memorial Gardens, Wm. Lea Room at 6:30 pm.
The cost is $10 per person. Tickets can be purchased at the door.
Leaside Memorial Gardens is on the south side of the intersection of Laird and Millwood.
All players will receive a trophy.

The menus will be pizza, orange drinks, cake and ice cream. The bakery does not guarantee that there is no peanut oil and neither does the pizza store.
The nights are MICROS (born in 2015) Monday September 9

MITES (born in 2014) Tuesday September 10

TYKES and GTYKES (born in 2013) Wednesday September 11

JUNIORS and GJUNIORS (born in 2012) Thursday September 12

SQUIRTS and GSQUIRTS (born in 2011) Friday September 13

NOVICE (born in 2010) and GATOMS (born in 2010-09) Monday September 16

ATOMS (born in 2009-08) and GPEWEES (born in 2008-2007) Tuesday September 17

PEWEES, MOSQUITOS (born in 2007 to 2003) and GMOSQUITOS (born in 2006 to 2003) Wednesday September 18