Many people are using the email as an alternative to or complementing a telephone message. It has become difficult to respond reasonably to all of these requests and demands. As a result it is forcing less person to person response and leaving this to general statements. Emails are not a solution, since they often are sent in the heat of the moment and a response needs to be carefully thought out. Hiring staff to answer leads to more ambiguity and conflict.

I would note that we are a community based house league, the members of which play a game once a week. In the first month of the soccer season for the month of May, the quantity of emails shoots up to unmanageable proportions. During this time period please resist sending emails unless absolutely essential. Included in unessential emails are confirmations that you received a previous email; thanking for a previous email; group emails to the team. During that critical time period of May, emails longer than 2 sentences will not be read at all and will not be answered; emails requesting changes in team assignments will usually not be read or answered (the majority of those emails are from people who never requested any person they wanted their children to be with).

Please remember that if you registered early and requested to be with a person who does not register until after May 1, chances are you 2 will not be on the same team. People should restrict those requests to play with someone else to no more than 2 other people.