Air Quality Health Index Policy

During the summers, occasionally, we have high temperatures. These heat wave will not affect the games at any of our Leaside Soccer league locations.

On June 6, 2023 the Air Quality Health Index in Toronto as measured by Environment Canada was 6 as a result of the forest fires in Quebec. Visit the Toronto - Air Quality Health Index for hourly AQHI measurements.

If the AQHI is 7 or higher at 5 pm on game day, the soccer games for that night will be cancelled.If the index is 6 or lower, soccer games will go ahead.

Please remember that the parent must continue to take personal responsibility in their decision to allow their child to play. The club is responsible for erecting the fields to play on. We are mindful of providing a safe environment in which to play, and we feel that our environment is safe.

Our fundamental concern is the safety and well-being of our players, referees, coaches and attendees. Please ensure you take the necessary measures to have a safe and fun experience. As always, use common sense.