Adverse Weather Policy

1. The club does not make the decision of whether a child should play or not play; that decision is solely the parent's. The club decides only whether a specific game goes ahead, given the conditions. if a parent decides to keep a child home because the weather does not look good, or because the child is not feeling well, or for any other reason there are no consequences. We are not a competitive club; no attendance records are kept; no player is disciplined because they did not attend a game.

2. A decision whether to play a game can only be made at game time, on the field, because that decision is based on the quantity of water remaining on the field at that time. Once that decision is made we will communicate that decision to all participants who have given us email addresses.

3. If any lightning is seen or thunder heard, the game will be immediately stopped. 30 minutes after seeing the last lightning or hearing the last of the thunder, games can continue.

4. If more than 1/2 of the game has been played when cancelled, the result will stand. If less than 1/2 of the game has been played no result will be awarded. If the games at either 6:30 / 7:30 have been cancelled for rain and less than 1/2 of those games were played, all games in that division will be treated as cancelled.

5. No games will be replayed once they are cancelled unless the games in that division are played on 2 separate nights.

6. The school board permits state that if 2.5 cm (one inch) or more of rain falls 48 hours before a game accompanied by steady rain on the game day the game must be cancelled. If the ground is saturated with water and you hear the squish-squish of water when you walk, the game on that field must be cancelled. For games at Sunnybrook, there is a weather telephone number 416-392-2535 which you can call.