Safety Plan for COVID-19

All of our activities take place outdoors in parks. The City of Toronto requires that we have a Safety Plan.
The requirements of the Safety Plan are set out below. Our spectator capacity based on the size of the area is
460 spectators. We have moved the playing fields apart so that they are at least 2 yards distance.

1. Screening. It is the responsibility of the parent to stay at home if they or their children have COVID-19 symptoms.
2. Physical distancing as is normal in these times should be followed by parents.
3. Masks or face coverings are not required by the children during play. Otherwise, masks or face coverings should be used as normal.
4. Cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and objects is not necessary as we do not have any surfaces or objects except for the grass and the soccer ball.
5. The wearing of personal protective equipment can be used but is not required.
6. Preventing and controlling crowding. We have limited the team sizes and thus the number of people coming is automatically small.
7. The gatherings at the event are limited by the size of the teams and the fact that the event is strictly for small children.
8. We are the ensure that section 3.2 of this COVID-19 Guidance is complied with at the games. The restrictions that apply to lining up do not apply to us as people do not line up. Families are encouraged to use the 2 meter distancing as is normal. Similarly the use of face coverings should be followed as normal.