Leaside-East Toronto Soccer Club

193 Randolph RD, Toronto,ON, M4G 3S6, Telephone 416 481 6425 Email John@leasidesoccer.net


The Leaside-East Toronto Soccer Club organizes adult soccer for a co ed league
(men and women) and for a women's only league.
The Co ed League over 35 division comprises 8 teams.
The Women's only league comprises 8 teams.
Our regular season games are on Fridays starting May 18 and going to August 24. Our finals are on September 17 and 18. We play our games as follows for the over 35 league at Cherry Beach, Birchmount Stadium, Sunnybrook Park Flemingdon Park. For the women's only league the games are at Flemingdon and Birchmont.
The teams are made up using the following principals: 1st. by whoever requested to be with someone else 2nd. to ensure an even age distribution on every team. 3rd. to bring each team size up to 18. Last year the average age span for both leagues was about 35-65 years old. Slide tackles are not allowed in our leagues. A slide tackled will be penalitalized with a direct kick to the opposite team. The cost is $ 210 and includes the uniform. The Club provides and pays for the referees. We only want participants who are interested in playing a recreational game. To us the recreational game means we play for physical exercise, fun and comradeship; results of the game are of secondary importance. We expect all decisions of the referees to be accepted without dissent. We know that in the competition emotions are raised; where a player loses control of those emotions they will be simply asked to step out. If a red card is issued, the player should sit out the next game. If there is another red card in the same season to the same player, that player should be asked to sit out 3 additional games. If there is a third red card to the same player in the same season, that player should be told to leave permanently and there will be no refund of registration fees. Any physical assault against a player or a game official will mean automatically suspension from the league for the season. By physical assault is meant hitting; kicking, punching, choking, spitting on, head butting. Further penalties may be applied depending on the situation.
In our adult games if you are given a red card for referee abuse the player must sit out the next 3 games. If the player is given a second red card for referee abuse in the season the player will be told to leave permanently and there will be no refund of registration fees If the referee reports that the abuse included threats or physical abuse (including spitting) a panel of 3 captains from other teams will be formed and a decision whether to have the player removed will be made. This decision will not be appealable.

Our policy which our referees are instructed to follow is that if any lightning is seen or thunder heard, the game must be stopped. 30 minutes after seeing the last lightning or hearing the last thunder, the game can continue. Because of the wide area in which our games are being played and the number of different referees, this policy is difficult to enforce. However, given the risk involved, and given the advice of many people in the weather and medical community, we must all govern ourselves by this rule. Once the game has been cancelled we have no ability to replay the game- we do not have extra fields and the only reason to stop playing at nights after August 26 is that it is impossible to fit in a game without lights.
The level of the play in the mixed league and the women's only league varies widely, from those who have never played soccer to those who have played some rep or university soccer. Although it is not obligatory, we encourage people to sign up with friends as it makes the experience that more enjoyable. If you are interested in registering, simply take a copy of the registration form and mail it to 193 Randolph Road, Toronto, ON M4G 3S6 together with a cheque for $ 210. or go to the on line registration The adult leagues have finals. In the finals a variety of teams have problems having a full rooster. In order to create a harmonious end of the season a simple rule has been adopted concerning eligible players: TO BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY IN THE FINALS, THE PLAYER SHOULD BE REGISTERED WITH THE CLUB AND SHOULD HAVE PLAYED IN AT LEAST 3 REGULAR SEASON GAMES.